Redmine is back

Some people love or hate redmine. I’m personally one of the latter team. Even though opensource forge such as GitHub and GitLab dominate the world, the self hosted counterpart may use different tools.

Redmine is one of them and has features I really can’t live without:

And obviously tasks or issues.

Why I need issues

Even though I’m most of the time a solo developer, I also make bugs and postpone many features. For that I usually throw some quick notes in my iCloud Notes app and that’s fine.

But when bugs occur you may need to note them with more than a subject line. Example: a stack trace, a way to reproduce and so on. And for that I really need a much better public interface for me and possible users who want to put feature requests and more.

Why I need wiki

For now, when I want to write a new quick information I edit the public website of any app and generate it then publish. That’s fine but it’s still cumbersome because I need to clone the repository, edit, make, push and commit. I think a wiki is a much better appropriate place for such a task.

What will changed

Before the close down in latter 2020, I was creating an issue for everything. A new feature, a bug, an idea and so on. This was also a large waste of time because it mostly duplicates information back-and-forth within repository commits.

Instead, issues from myself will only cover:

New redmine

The redmine has been put back and upgraded to the 4.2 version. If available at some point, I’d be create to provide GitHub OAuth authentication for those who don’t want to register.